19th Century Chinese Silk Embroidery Panel

$4,800.00 $2,000.00

Exquisite piece of antique embroidery from the 19th century with supporting documents from Hong Kong. Two sleeves of high officials combined to create an intricate panel. The art tells of eight tools of eight gods. The eight tools being vase, wu-lo, bamboo, fan, shield, sword, basket, and flute. The symbols of peony, water lily, bats, peaches, clementine, coins, grapes, and music spell wonderful things to come. This type of embroidery is known as tuck and lock style. Beautifully encased in a plexiglass frame with a rich, wood trim and bars hardware. Tapestry measures 13" x 25" H.

Dimensions: 20"w x 1"d x 34"h

Circa: 1890

Condition: Excellent, minor wear consistent with age and use.

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