Q: What makes Erin Lane Estate different from a major auction house? A: Auction houses are good at one thing: Selling lots of items fast. Erin Lane Estate works different in that we specialize in re-marketing your items through retail design sites all over the world. Your heirs took a lifetime to acquire these treasures and we feel you should take more than one day to find the right buyer for them.  Don't auction your treasures! Q: What type of items sell the fastest? A: In todays' market buyers love vintage. We specialize in Hollywood Regency, Mid-Century Modern, Chinoiserie, Asian Antiques, & Iconic pieces. Q: What is the Erin Lane Estate retail program? A: Erin Lane Estate purchases estates and picks items that we feel by experience can be re-marketed and sold on our sites around the world such as 1stDibs, Chairish, Etsy, and Erin Lane Estate. We also consign items that fit into our program. The decision is made during a preliminary evaluation of your estate and/or items. Q: How do I know if my things will qualify for your retail program? A: The first step is to send us photos of your items to info@erinlaneestate.com. If you have an entire estate please call 510-986-1559 to schedule a time for a representative to see the items in person. We service most of the Bay Area, Napa Valley, & Silicon Valley. We will provide an evaluation with a preliminary estimate. This service is free of charge. Q: Should I have an estate sale at my home first? A: It is often helpful to have an evaluation completed first. You may have items which will sell for significantly more if exposed to the right buyers than you could ever generate at a local estate sale. Q: Where do you market and sell my items? A: Erin Lane Estate works closely with the design community on an International online platform. Nearly 70% of all adults shop online. Its the wave of the future. We sell on several sites including 1st Dibs and our own site. Your items will be exposed to the right set of eyes all over the world and to people in the trade. Q: How long will it take to sell my items? A: It varies. Simple as that. Sale prices are evaluated every 30 days and in most cases items sell within 90 days if priced correctly. Everything eventually sells. In the event an item needs a price adjustment we would recommend that at 30, 60, and 90 days. Q: How much commission do you take? A: We take 50% commission and handle all aspects to make the transition as seamless as possible. Our services include moving the estate, photographing and marketing your items, insurance, shipping and packaging logistics. Q: When do I get paid for my items? A: Items are paid 30 days after an item is delivered to the customer. Q: Who determines the value of my wares? A: Erin Lane Estate specializes in retailing items online and perform all the due diligence to get you the most of your items. We will make pricing recommendations and set the final prices for retail. Q: What happens to things that don't sell? A: If an item does not sell it can re-marketed through an online auction, consigned to a local auction house, returned to the seller, or donated. Q: Can you work with my estate planner/attorney? A: Yes we can. Q: Can you handle an entire estate contents including cars, fine art, jewelry, and wine? A: Erin Lane Estate specializes in the sale of high end furnishings but we can handle all aspects of your estate. We have the outlets to sell all your items and get you the highest return. Q: What if I am already working with a major auction house? A: No problem. Erin Lane Estate works with most auction houses. Auction houses are great at moving lots of inventory quick and cheap. That is not what we specialize in. We market items on a much broader scale and more a much higher return.