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To me nothing is more fun than decorating.

The holidays are such a wonderful time to spruce up our places and open our homes to family & friends. This is the time to pull out all of our fancy pieces and just embellish everything. Nothing says holiday like the colors of plaids, golds, and organic rattan. This year have fun with your decor and create different holiday rooms.

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Gilt Mirror | French Green Glass Demijohn | Mid-Century Travertine Table | Brass Studded Chest | Pair of McGuire Rattan Chairs | 19th Century Madonna & Child

December 05, 2016 by Erin Bichara
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Paul Frankl Pretzel Chairs & Sofa for Kosuga

We are ecstatic to share this vintage Mid-Century Modern Suite we recently acquired from a Bay Area estate. Its a fabulous set of pretzel lounge chairs, sofa suite, & tables by Kosuga for Paul Frankl made in Tokyo, Japan. Featuring authentic steam bent rattan frames. Custom ordered with six strand arms from the original manufacturer. Can you believe this design in 1934? So chic, so mid-century. You can purchase the whole suite or simply the piece you prefer. Please call for details 510-986-1559 or you can view the pieces available here.

November 17, 2016 by 2
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Summer's Shifting to Fall | Cozy Fall Decor Ideas

We have experienced a week of 70ish degree weather this past week here in Northern California and it has been divine. The kids are back to school and football is on. Yay! I have heard there are people who despise fall but I could not even imagine. Fall is such a welcome season from the harsh days of summer. I breathe deeper in fall, spend more quality time with the people I love, and just feel more comfortable overall.

Do you decorate for the seasons? I certainly do. Its nothing drastic but I do change out pillows, throws, accessories, artwork, and foliage. Does that seem overzealous? I picked out my favorites from our New Arrivals. Fall is the time for richness. Brass and gilt, deep burnt reds and oranges, textures, and tufts.

Nothing says cozy better than an oxblood Chesterfield sofa paired nicely with a Mid-Century brass bamboo cocktail side table. I love using basket trunks for coffee tables. Chinese coromandel screens can change your whole look and feel of a room and packs a major elegant punch. Cream & Brown pillows for warmth and an Italian gilt mirror to brighten things up. The most important piece you must have this fall....A huge dining table for all your family and friends. fall-looks-1_edited-1

Four Panel Chinese Coromandel Screen // Italian Mirror // Diminutive Brass Bamboo Table

Book Press // Chinese Scorched Bamboo Woven Trunk //

Spanish Colonial Trestle Dining Table // Tufted Chesterfield Sofa

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Greetings from Oakland, CA. We have been so busy sourcing the most amazing antiques and vintage pieces from all over California and beyond. We are thrilled to now take video of all of our new pieces for your viewing pleasure. Sometimes looking at just a photo can be challenging.  Hopefully this will help with any questions you may have about a piece. Now I must warn I will not be winning any Hollywood accolades & awards here for creativity. Please check our site weekly for all of our New arrivals. We have gotten so many great pieces of vintage furniture and accessories from Chinese Coromandel Screens to Mid-Century Modern furniture, Hollywood Regency to traditional pieces with a twist.

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September 01, 2016 by 2
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The Allure of the Chinese Coromandel Screen

Coco Chanel said she nearly fainted with joy the first time she ever saw a Chinese Coromandel Screen for the first time. All one needs to do is see one up close to appreciate the lost art.

A coromandel screen is a wood, folding screen that is carved before being painted with gold or various colors from the Ming dynasty period in China. Up to 30 layers of lacquer can be used. Its common to see them with decorative scenes of trees, birds, pagodas, scholars, and temples.  Many are hand-painted with painstakingly hand-carved pieces of rosewood and solid minerals such as jadeite and marble.

The name "Coromandel" refers to the Coromandel coast in India where the traders would load their furnishings and screens onto boats. The price of Chinese screens range due to many different factors such as age, materials, designs, and patina.

5294563_z 5026063_z 5026393_z 5219053_z

3518922_zDesigners love screens because they are the jewel and focal point of a room upon which they build upon.


via: Bunny Williams

I love the richness of this room. The way Bunny incorporated leopard velvet, orange velveteen,   and fall colors with a modern flair.


Photo via: Elle Decor, Design, Alessandra Branca

I have heard people say they don't like Chinese decor because they think it has a heavy feeling. Alessandra Branca paired her coromandel with fun pops of red with a neutral wall and sofa for a refined, youthful space. Not heavy at all.


via: Charlotte Moss

Green is a rare color for a lacquered screen which makes this one all the more attractive. Charlotte's gallery wall is stunning and this space is so feminine. A place you'd never want to leave.



Photo via: House & Home, Design, Bruce Gregga

Bruce did an exceptional job incorporating an 18th century screen with modern sensibilities. It just works. Putting a piece of that caliber in the room provides a warmth and sense of history that sometimes is missing in modern spaces.


Photo via: House Beautiful


Photo via: Elle Decor, Design, Lee Mindel


Photo via: Luxe


Photo via: Architectural Digest, Design, Michael S. Smith


via: Peter Dunham

View our collection of screens here.

August 17, 2016 by 2

Brass Ibex Ram's Head Coffee Table

Did you know there are unicorns in the vintage world? You know those pieces that are so difficult to find? The OMG, keep it cool, and try to look normal pieces. I'm happy to say we have found our unicorn. We have looked for a Hollywood Regency brass ibex rams head coffee table for years in the wild. Happy to report there was no blood shed in attaining it only a small bidding war. If you want to add the chicest, eye candy to your decor. Get your bad ass brass here.

5106693_z-1   DSC_1455_z DSC_1456_z-1 DSC_1457_z DSC_1458_z designsponge

via: design sponge

jessicamarx, glitterguide

via: glitter guide

July 29, 2016 by 2

Mom's the Word!

She's your cheerleader, chef, therapist, and always makes you feel better. Treat her this year.

April 27, 2016 by 2

New York Folk Artist William Fellini

Prior to starting Erin Lane Estate 3 years ago I was a commercial real estate and wedding photographer. I do all the photography here at Erin Lane Estate. Our buyer Carlos will stage things for me to photograph. Last week I was given a collection of art to shoot and I was completely smitten by artist William Fellini's art. Not only are his idyllic scenes comforting and inspiring, but when you flip over the canvas there is another incredible painting en verso. We obtained about 8 pieces and I was fascinated by his story. I love when an artist re-uses his canvases. Its a 2 for 1.

He painted still-lifes, landscapes, and figures in landscapes, but for about twenty-five years he earned his living as a New York City housepainter and decorator. Though his works are colorful and robust, he never sold a painting during his lifetime. His training as a painter and decorator contributed to his skill. It was noted that Fellini was so poor he always painted on the reverse side of the canvas. Art is so personal and I'm always grateful that I get to be the "keeper" for the time being.

DSC_0744 DSC_0748 DSC_0756DSC_0760 DSC_0766 DSC_0770


You can view the whole collection here.

April 08, 2016 by 2

100 New Markdowns in San Francisco...Way Down!

We're having a sale...100 New Markdowns....You can check them all out here.

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Sprucing it up for Spring!

Spring is my favorite time of year. Saying goodbye to gray, cold days and ushering in those stunning blue skies, warmer days, and daffodils pushing their way up to the surface.

I love to change my decor seasonally. Spring is the perfect time to add some POPS of color to your rooms and make some fun changes. Change out your throw pillows, add in a colorful rug, and hang a vibrant piece of art. It will inspire you I promise!

Cheers, Erin

springspruceup Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 3.46.47 PM

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February 25, 2016 by 2