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Every now and then you come across an artist whose work stops you dead in your tracks. Ones that are so recognizable and unparalleled that she needs no name recognition. You just know who it is by her design choices. Her name is India Mahdavi and her work is awe-inspiring. She's an Iranian born Interior Designer based in Paris. She designs many public spaces, restaurants & high-end boutiques such as Red Valentino & Ralph Pucci New York.

She is quoted in Architectural Digest "“Sunshine is happiness, and my work is about happiness.” Her daring clients clamor for more. “They aren’t looking for mainstream,” Mahdavi explains. “They tend to be people who are looking ahead.” Indeed, the strong individuality of her rooms is not for the faint of heart. I say the world needs more of this.

Her use of color, shapes, and finishes are so original. She's gutsy & playful in her interiors. Can't wait to see what she will come up with next. You can read more about India as well as take a peek into her world and get some fabulous design tips in her book Home Chic. Find her at


Ralph Pucci Exhibition New York City via: India Mahdavi


Image Via: Architectural Digest


Red Valentino Boutique via: India Mahdavi


Monte Carlo Beach via: India Mahdavi


Jean Francois Piege via: India Mahdavi


Condesa DF via: India Mahdavi


The Gallery at Sketch via: India Mahdavi

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Cafe Francais via India Mahdavi

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