The Allure of Burl Wood

The Allure of Burl Wood

You've seen them. The lovely grain of those Milo Baughman burl consoles and dining tables. Those pieces that make you swoon. Did you ever wonder where all that burl came from?

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Did you know that burl is actually a tree growth or a sign that a tree is under some form of stress? These burls are prized pieces of wood because they are so rare. There has even been a rise in burl poaching at National Parks across the United States.


Most burl growths occur near coast redwoods at the base of the tree. The wood itself is extremely hard to work with as its very dense and chips and shatters unpredictably.

Burl growth


Burls are removed, sliced into veneers and highly sought after by furniture makers, auto makers, and artists.

Not to be confused with bird's eye maple.

February 14, 2017 by Erin Bichara