Caring for Antique Furniture

I know this is at the tops of everyone's to do list, right? Well if you're like me and perhaps its not in the top 5 then I think you'll really like the following tips. As you know we are in the business of helping people find the most beautiful & rare pieces for their homes. Needless to say we see lots of antiques that need TLC and we have to give them makeovers before their big reveals.

These are a few basic hacks for the busy people who wear lots of hats and just simply want their stuff to look good. Perhaps I'll ask our woodworker for a more in depth post in the future.


Do you see the foot on this chair in the photo below? It looks dry, discolored, and chewed up.



Never Fear....Old English is here. Or shall I say the wizard, the miracle worker, the nectar of the Gods. Okay, the last one might be pushing it.


Old English scratch cover for dark woods. Fixes a multitude of sins in a speedy amount of time.



Looks good doesn't it?

Here's me applying the oil: It works well on cane too.


A couple of other handy tools in my belt are Old English spray oil & Mr. Clean magic eraser. The eraser removes paint scuffs & the oil gives your furniture a tall glass of water. Furniture gets thirsty too. Your furniture works hard for you. Give it some love occasionally.

DSC_0588-2 DSC_0593

See the cane below? Its worn off after years of backs rubbing against it. I put a little dark oil and it soaks it right up.





This also works great for drink marks on tables and sometimes it will fill scratches in. If it looks dry hit it with some oil and it will make a huge difference.

Hope these help.

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