I can't imagine a world without art. It pains me when I enter homes with no art anywhere in sight. Or art that tells me nothing about the owner of the home. If they only knew the joy that comes from a well-loved and well-placed piece of art. Many people just don't know where to begin with art. How many of you have art that's not hung? Art makes us feel things. Be it happy, sad, melancholy, or energetic. I always think about this piece of art at auction that I didn't buy and I wish I had. Just buy the art and just hang the art.

Art doesn't have to be expensive. If you're unsure of where to start I would suggest going to art museums and just perusing. See what you like, don't like, and what speaks to you. You can start with vintage art, prints, or up and coming artists.

Art is not limited to what we think of conventionally. It could be a favorite collection hung on the wall or curated on a table. Perhaps these photos will provide you with some inspiration and enjoy 15% off all art starting today Friday, September 30th-Monday, October 3rd with the coupon code loveyourwalls


source: anewall.com

Can you believe this watercolor is a mural? Self-adhesive wallpaper!


photo credit: dwell

When you have a random collection of art I love this gallery wall look and just leaning up against a mantle or wall.


photo credit: helen norman

Symmetry is nice with pairs.


photo credit: ikea

Ikea created a Mondrian look with these pieces. Great for photos in similar frames with a mod edge.


photo credit: michael anderson for mydomaine

We can never forget all the design opportunities with bookshelves. This is a place to let your personality shine with curated collections and objects. Notice how everything is edited but it tells you about the owner. Don't you love the framed photo mounted on the shelf?


photo credit: rooms for the revolution

I love these baskets! Texture & color! Don't sit on the cactus.


photo credit: helen norman

Who knew taxidermy could be so chic next to the modern, abstract prints?


photo credit: elle decor, designer: thom filicia

Nothing is classier and timeless than a vintage map, or architectural etching in a room.


photo credit: elle decor

This composition works perfectly with a leaned piece of art combined with the fabulous wallpaper, floor lamp, and flower arrangement. So refined and cosmopolitan. Have fun with your walls. You can always re-arrange.

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