DSC_1117 I had the pleasure of delivering an item to a loyal customer this week and was so thrilled to see her space and the way she had curated her pieces from our store. She had this to say about her experience with us: "Erin Lane Estate is like Aladdin's Cave of vintage furniture. Everything is lovely, unexpected and delightful. Erin and Carlos not only choose great eclectic pieces, but also put them together in unexpected and fun ways. I love everything I have found in their treasure trove, and am only sorry that my house doesn't have another ten empty rooms!". From the moment I walked into Mireille's home I felt inspired by the view of San Francisco, the jazz playing in the background, the collection of books and reading nooks, and the way her home completely reflected Mireille and her family.  She's confident in her decor choices and doesn't mind taking risks in her space and it shows. Its completely her own touch and I love to see that.Here are a few photos of her space. Does your home reflect your experiences?DSC_1122DSC_1119DSC_1111DSC_1107This embroidered wing back chair was one of her first finds at our store and she paired it with a brass planter topped with a glass round. Genius! It's a favorite reading spot in her home. DSC_1101 She purchased this Polychrome sideboard from us and it fits in her dining room perfect. DSC_1097 Thank you Mireille for sharing your lovely home with us.

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