Blue and White Decor Few things are as classic as a blue and white combination in your decor. These are my top 5 reasons to decorate with blue and white. 1. Versatility with other styles. Blue and white comes in so many different forms such as French Provincial, Chinoiserie, English Delft, & Coastal. Add in some contrasting textures such as baskets and chunky throws and you have a winning combination no matter the style of your home. 2. Serenity. Studies have proven that color has a huge impact on our moods. Light blues are associated with calm and is shown to lower blood pressure as well as encourage relaxation in social areas. 3. Timeless & Classic. A home should never be too trendy unless you're prepared to live with it for many years to come. Blue and white never goes out of style. It can be modern, traditional, and classic at the same time. 4. Clean & Crisp. Whether your going for a coastal, beachy look or a more uptown Manhattan, designer look blue and white always brings a crispness to the party. 5. Variety. Whether its a stripe, ikat, or a solid there is always a pattern in blue and white to convey your personal style. Nothing says elegant like a bamboo chair with some blue and white accents.

Shop the look in the board above here:

1. Ironstone Ginger Jars // 2. French Farmhouse Corner Cabinet // 3. Chinoiserie Lithograph // 4. Blue & White Garden Stool // 5. French Messenger Basket

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